Our Story

Chondrion is the culmination of 20 years of software design, retail, and business expertise. Never before has a software company had previous first-hand experience as both a provider and a client.

By leveraging modern, efficient technologies and exclusive new innovations, Chondrion seeks to make powerful, enterprise software attainable for vendors of all sizes. We have found that all sellers share many of the same challenges, but until now they have not had equal access to the solutions. Chondrion was born out of retail and tested in production for years.

As a Software-as-a-Service (SaS) company, customers pay for their subscription over time and in turn receive support, upgrades, and hosting on Amazon’s world-class web services platform at no additional charge. Since we provide a cloud-based solution, you can rest easy knowing that you can access your retail management system from anywhere on virtually any internet-enabled device.

Chondrion was built to be a single consolidated system to manage your business. There is no need to try to artificially connect several disparate solutions and there is never any double-entry. We leverage all the data that you accumulate for the maximum return on your investment. Our attention to detail and our depth of service means functionality is delivered right the first time.

About Our Founder

Richard Alonzo Gabriel began programming at age 8, controlling mechanical devices with software. As an adolescent, he developed several freeware packages and web sites. When he was just 13, Mr. Gabriel created and operated one of the early massively multi-player online role-playing games (MMORPGs) played by thousands of enthusiasts worldwide. He began his professional career while still in high school at a private academy. As an intern for a local software startup located on an ivy-league college campus, he quickly became an integral part of their development team. Mr. Gabriel created companion CD-ROM software and practice tests for Prentice Hall’s PTR college and instructional text books that teach programming and systems administration. He also worked on Mac ODBC software for General Electric, web-based investment and analysis software for First Albany Corp. (now Gleacher & Company), and was the lead on one of the first file sharing and social networking applications integrated with instant messaging. Mr. Gabriel helped to grow Voxel, a leading hosting provider, while it was still in its infancy by performing systems administration and software design. He was also a freelance software consultant for internet retail businesses as he entered college at Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute.

In 2000, Richard Gabriel founded his first software company where he served as Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for 7 years. By delivering enterprise-level retail management functionality to the mid-market, his company served a niche that was previously low on options. Utilizing a proven, open-source foundation along with special patent-pending inventions, Mr. Gabriel’s company has grown to become a key player in their vertical. The company has employed over 60 people and is still thriving today.

4AllVitamins LLC (dba. Meadowbrook Organics locally) was founded by Mr. Gabriel in 2007. It was his desire to leverage a technological advantage along with a passion for health and wellness in an industry that seemed behind the times. Other stores were not able to satisfy the needs of their customers. 4AllVitamins had grown to be a “Top 10” multi-million dollar reseller without any outside capital. They carried over 2000 brands and 50,000 SKUs with only a minimal staff. In 2013, 4AllVitamins merged with a complementary enterprise to expand their product line and better serve more customers.

Mr. Gabriel has now decided to offer other sellers the same powerful software that catapulted 4AllVitamins ahead of its competition. Again, he has invented new and innovative technologies that set Chondrion apart from other software service providers. With Mr. Gabriel’s combined business, accounting, programming, software architecture, and retail expertise, Chondrion is able to understand and serve the needs of its customers better than ever!