Customer Relationship Management

With Chondrion’s powerful CRM tools, you can manage and support your customers easily through one platform, across all your selling channels.

Features Include:

  • Customer Data stored in one location for all your sales channels
  • Rewards Program for repeat customers
  • Orders requiring special attention are flagged
  • Customer service can update or override orders before they are shipped
  • Export subscriber email addresses for bulk mailing
  • Orders from all sources and marketplaces are aggregated and handled uniformly
  • Supports automatic partial shipping based on configured thresholds
  • Supports back-orders and pre-orders
  • Multiple shipments with different tracking information
  • Supports partial and split payments
  • Files and emails can be attached to orders (ie. scanned images, PDF, etc.)
  • Customize senders and templates for automated email communication and documents
    • Order confirmation or payment required
    • Order status notice
    • Payment reminder
    • Loyalty gift email
    • Shipment followup
    • Backordered notification/followup
    • Order invoice
    • Packing slip
  • Prompt customers to leave reviews and feedback

Download our detailed Functionality Outline