Inventory Management

With Chondrion, real-time inventory updates across all sales channels – storefront, online, wholesale, etc. – makes keeping track of inventory counts and locations easier than ever!

Features Include:

  • Update supplier costs in bulk
  • Track stock by bin/bay in multiple warehouses
  • Manually move or adjust stock when necessary (ie. shrinkage, damage)
  • Supports Just-in-Time SKUs
  • Reconcile inventory counts periodically in bulk by warehouse or region
  • An in-house UPC is generated for each SKU. A registered UPC/EAN is also supported.
  • Track backordered SKUs with estimated replenishment dates. Automatically accept pre-orders when speculative stock is enabled.
  • Incremental SKU weight verification process.
  • Easily update SKU data or create offers from SKUs in bulk

Download our detailed Functionality Outline