Reporting and Analytics

With a focus on automation and centralization, many traditional reports are unnecessary to produce, as Chondrion will show any applicable data at action points throughout the system.  We do recognize that reports are required for many different reasons, however, and include a number of standard reports as well as the ability to add custom reports with any data you prefer.

  • Built-in report categories
    • Accounting
      • Profit/Loss (grouped by month, marketplace, product, etc.)
      • Payables (current and projection)
      • Sales (by day, month, SKU)
    • Buying
      • Purchase Order Items
      • Purchase Orders by Vendor
      • SKU sources
    • Fulfillment
    • Sales Tax
    • Selling
    • Warehouse
  • Custom reports capability
  • Filter reports by dynamic criteria
  • Export results to a spreadsheet

Download our detailed Functionality Outline