Suppliers, Replenishment, and Drop-shipping

With our smart purchasing algorithm, reorder quantities are automatically calculated and sent to POs, which can be automatically submitted or queued for review.  Vendors can have custom templates and rules, and inventory received is automatically separated if received as cases.

Purchasing and Receiving

Features Include:

  • Suggested replenishment quantities based on past trends, stock levels, vendor requirements, and future predictions
  • Multiple sources for each SKU
  • Import new purchase orders in bulk
  • Import vendor stock availability
  • Suggest preferred source based on vendor history, vendor stock, price, discounts, and restrictions
  • Use sales vs. cost history to make purchasing decisions in real time
  • Verify items received and reconcile to POs by scanning barcodes (optional)
  • Handles overages and missing/unknown/extra items. Alerts the user when appropriate.
  • Track inbound PO shipments (support varies by vendor)
  • Supports vendor drop-shipping
  • Export PO items to a spreadsheet
  • Set minimum and maximum stock targets per SKU (optional)
  • Automatically order specified cases/quantities and break apart during receiving.

Vendors and Invoicing

Features Include:

  • Import new vendors in bulk
  • Track open invoices and reconcile to related purchase orders.
  • Handle disputes and track credit memos
  • Attach files, notes, and emails to vendors and invoices
  • Track due dates and group payments to optimize cash flow
  • Configure vendor terms and attributes for automated PO handling and speculative stock feature (optional)
  • Customize PO templates based on each vendor’s requirements
  • Flag vendors that support: replenishment/JIT, drop-ship, backorders
  • Save different vendor contact details for office, sales, receivables


  • Integrated drop-ship vendor of personalized merchandise
  • Drop-ship POs are automatically generated for applicable items after payment is received
  • Orders are automatically placed with Gooten to fulfill the items
  • POs are automatically updated during Gooten’s fulfillment process. The customer is notified with tracking information.

Download our detailed Functionality Outline